Vistamar Beach Club

From: $49.99

49.99 Adults with Open Bar and Food */ 39.99 Teen with Open Bar and Food */ 34.99 Children with Open Bar and Food (Infants free)
Book your tour now with 10 dollars per person and pay the rest when you arrive in Progreso. We will send you your new balance when you have completed payment for your reservation.

• Round-trip transportation from your Progreso cruise terminal! Air-conditioned, fully licensed, and insured transportation from the meeting point to the beach club!
• Use of the beach club facilities such as a swimming pool, lounge chairs, umbrellas, showers, kayaks, and more.
• Free WiFi at the Progreso Beach Club Vista Mar!
• Optional one more stop at Progreso craft market

Enjoy a relaxing beach day with the Progreso Vista Mar Beach Club Day Pass Excursion. This is your day to enjoy Vista Mar
Beach Day Pass with an open bar, a la carte food, and the sandy beach and beautiful ocean views.

The beach club has all you need such as lounge chairs, a freshwater swimming pool, hammocks, a secluded beach, and more
to make your day perfect. With this Day pass, you will have an open bar and food included.

Once your ship has docked in Progreso, you will begin your fantastic day by meeting your guide at the cruise terminal area.
After you check-in, you'll be driven in an air-conditioned comfort vehicle for a short 10-minute ride to the private Vista Mar
Beach Club. As you arrive at the beach club the friendly staff will be waiting for you, just sit back and relax for this is your day
to enjoy! you are guaranteed a relaxed and fun time during your stay in Vista Mar.

Beach Day Pass with Open Bar and food included:

National Open Bar -
Tequila-based drinks: Classic Margarita, Red Margarita, Blue Margarita or Mango Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, El Charro
Negro (coke with a slice of lime and salt), La Paloma (Grapefruit and a splash of soda with lime and salt) and a Tequila shot.

Rum-based drinks: Piña Colada, Strawberry Colada, Blue Colada, Cuba Libre (Rum, coke, and a slice of lime), and Pintadito
(Rum, coke, mineral water, and slice of lime) Vodka-based drinks: Bloody Mary, Maya Magic (Pineapple juice), Yucatan Sea Breeze (Pineapple and grenadine), and Greyhound.

You don't drink alcohol?! That is ok you will also have included non-alcoholic beverages such as virgin drinks, sodas, bottles
of water, juices, etc.

For food, you will have an authentic Yucatecan menu, below you can find the options you will be able to choose from Nachos

supreme, Yucatecan Panuchos, Breaded fish fillets, Chicken or Beef fajitas, Mexican Ceviche, Guacamole, Yucatecan Tacos
de Cochinita (Pork marinated in achiote, sour orange juice, garlic, cumin, salt and wrapped in Banana leaves and baked)
Quesadillas, Cheese Empanadas (thin fried yellow corn dough stuffed with cheese and served on a thin layer or tomato), pico
de gallo, and Yucatecan Kibis (meatball made of wheat dough and stuffed with ground meat and mint, fried until it forms a
crust on the outer layer). There are also beef tacos, hamburgers, and chicken fingers for the young ones.

Enjoy the day exactly how you want to. Swim, relax in the shade, soak up some sun, get your feet wet walking the shoreline,
eat and drink. Transportation back to your Progreso cruise ship is available 2.0 hours before your ship leaves. There are taxis
available at your expense if you would like to return sooner. The beach club transportation will drop you back off at the
meeting point. If time allows you can also shop at the crafts market before taking the shuttle.